The DeFi space is evolving very rapidly, and the lack of cross-chain interoperability platforms has been one of its biggest hurdles to grow.

There have been diverse challenges within the Defi space and PaybSwap is committed to solving a few of them.

What Problems are we solving?

1.The complexity of…

We decided to prolong the celebration! You can register to our NFT-giveaway till July 12!

To participate:
- Join our Telegram (

-Join our Telegram channel (
- Follow us on Twitter (
- Like and retweet the pinned post ( )
- Follow us on Medium (
- Clap our articles

We’ll announce the results on July 12 at 16:00 GMT+1
Good luck

We’ve launched our cross-chain bridge, and to celebrate, we are announcing our NFT-giveaway!

To participate:
- Join our Telegram
- Follow us on Twitter
- Like and retweet the pinned post
- Follow us on Medium
- Clap our articles

We’ll announce the results on June, 28 at 16:00 GMT+1

#NFT #giveaway #launch #PaybSwap

The team has been working extra hours to get the Paybswap Ecosystem ready and running. We are almost there and hoping to release by the end of this quarter according to our road map.

Exciting times ahead. #Buy #Hodl $PAYB


PAYBSWAP is making bridges to the Binance Smart Chain. This will give opportunities for traders to swap from ERC20 to BEP20 tokens.

Ethereum transaction fees are becoming very expensive. For instance, if you want to swap 10$ you may have to pay up…

Our Initial exchange offering (IEO) round is now over. We are grateful for your support during our presale and IEO rounds. There will be no further rounds as we enter into full development and focus on delivering all project promises in a timely manner. With our staking platform now live…

The Paybswap public sale is now closer than ever. We appreciate all the support we have received so far and welcome all to participate. We shall be conducting our Public sale as an Initial exchange offering (IEO) on 2 exchanges. This is so as to make Paybswap and its community global and welcome community member from other parts of the globe we were unable to touch during our pre-sale round

With our staking platform going live right before IEO we believe we are on track to deliver all our promises and in a timely manner.

Below are the details concerning our upcoming IEO and what you should expect:

PUBLIC SALE dates: April 16 — April 17

🧮 QUANTITY: 350,000,000 PAYB




🚀PUBLIC SALE GOAL: $ 5,000,000

PS: MIN is $100 and no MAX individual cap


1. Open PAYBSWAP website ( on Google chrome browser and click on “STAKE PAYB” tab located at upper right side on the homepage OR use this direct link to connect to the Staking page:

2. In order to stake your token, make sure you have already connected your Wallet…


A Cross-Chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) and yield farming on Binance Smart Chain

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