Dear PaybSapien,

We’re back with another update on the developments and some good news about upcoming plans and launch dates.

As articulated in the previous announcements and in continuation to our one-by-one launch plan, we are thrilled to announce the following launch dates on mainnet:

Governance — Tuesday, Dec 14th

We are thrilled to announce the Diamond Hand feature, which will be launched on mainnet tomorrow, Dec 5th, at 3:00 AM UK time.

Thanks to our great community, we successfully tested it on testnet for five days and fixed a few minor bugs in preparation for this launch.

Diamond Hand

Here is another development update to keep the community informed on the latest progress.

Following the previous update, we’re thrilled to tell you all 6 contracts have been deployed on Ethereum chain successfully. The list of contracts:
- The controller contract for the vault system
- Contracts for vaults
- NFT contract
- The strategy contracts

Currently, developers are fixing a few minor bugs and will integrate the smart contracts to the production (test website) onward. In a matter of days, once all is done we will start the invite-only launch to stress test the product with community members.

Stay tuned for the next development update.

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Dear PaybSapiens,
Here is another development update to keep the community in the loop about things happening behind the scenes.

Contract Deployment and Product Launch

In the last update, we mentioned the Ethereum chain congestion and long contract creation and deployment queue. Having six contracts to publish on Ethereum, in the past several days, our…

Dear PaybSapiens,

We wanted to give you a quick update from behind the scenes where every single one of the core team is working hard to deliver what has been promised.

What we have achieved in the past few days:

1- Uploaded all the fixes and updates to the Main platform
2- Added the functionality for setting the minimum time…

As we are getting close to the launch date, let’s see what have been developed in the past few weeks:

- Updated smart-contracts
- Migration at back-end for ETH and BSC
- Uploaded Main Platform to Production environment
- SalesFee is updating with smart-contracts
- Platform fee NFT — new methods at back-end are…

We decided to prolong the celebration! You can register to our NFT-giveaway till July 12!

To participate:
- Join our Telegram (

-Join our Telegram channel (
- Follow us on Twitter (
- Like and retweet the pinned post ( )
- Follow us on Medium (
- Clap our articles

We’ll announce the results on July 12 at 16:00 GMT+1
Good luck


A Cross-Chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) and yield farming on Binance Smart Chain

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