DEVELOPMENT UPDATE — October 30, 2021

Dear PaybSapiens,

We wanted to give you a quick update from behind the scenes where every single one of the core team is working hard to deliver what has been promised.

What we have achieved in the past few days:

1- Uploaded all the fixes and updates to the Main platform
2- Added the functionality for setting the minimum time to withdraw and period for payment.
3- Added timer to start pool (Admin and Main)
4- Uploaded all the updates for Admin to the production

What’s next:

The one last piece of the puzzle is pushing the main smart-contracts to production, but due to the recent congestion in Ethereum chain it has been delayed. Hopefully this will be confirmed soon, so we shall move forward and launch the main platform in a matter of days. As many other platforms with a cutting-edge technology it’s been decided to make the initial launch an invite-only one to do closed-beta tests with some key community members. Please contact our Telegram moderators to be added to the list to test the initial launch.

In the meantime, we share some sneak peek from Polkadot bridge, Vaults and NFT marketplace with our community:

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